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IBPSA News Volume 27 No 1

The IBPSA News Volume 27 No 1 is now available at

Please note, this is a special issue on climate based daylight simulation. Features include:

  1. Interviews with Christoph Reinhart at MIT about ongoing projects, WELL certification and teaching sustainable design concepts and John Mardaljevic at Loughborough University about climate based daylight modelling and simulation, visual comfort and WELL certification.

  2. An update about Building Simulation 2017 – find out what will happen in more detail.

  3. Software news about TRSNSYS, coupling ESP-r with IEA-EBC Annex 66 occupant behaviour tool, IES VE2017, Sefaira Architecture, and a new tool from EQUA.

  4. Global community news from IBPSA affiliates in Argentina, Australasia, Canada, England, France, Italy, Korea, Netherlands+Flanders. the Nordic countries, Turkey and the USA.

  5. IBPSA related events, e.g. 9 conferences and other events for your diary and a new series of free webinars based on IBPSA’s first book, Building Performance Simulation for Design and Operation.

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