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Abstract Architecture

Affiliate Strategy 2020-2022

IBPSA World wants to achieve the following:

  1. Membership in IBPSA is worthwhile

  2. Decision makers will recognise IBPSA as an authority on simulation

  3. Members will benefit from IBPSA’s global knowledge

  4. IBPSA will be a clearinghouse for software, services

  5. Provide opportunity for networking

  6. Be a framework for strategic alliances for R&D purposes


We have used this framework to develop a strategy and set of goals for our affiliate.

Looking at the next two years...

Now that we have looked at the wider aims of IBPSA World, what do we want to accomplish within our chapter?  

    Have a strong brand identity so we are recognisable across industry and be seen as the go-to authority for building simulation 

    Develop and grow an active and diverse membership base across various disciplines within the industry and academia

With these goals in mind, let’s move on to specific initiatives we want to undertake that relate to each one (noting that there will be overlap, of course!)...

Brand Authority: developing a strong identity

Desired outcomes

  • Be recognised as the the industry authority for building simulation among practitioners, governments, academia, etc.

  • Provide input and recommendation to changes in the industry such as Green Star, NABERS, NCC, Commonwealth, City of Sydney, etc. 

Key Actions

  • Partner with like-minded organisations join boards / technical working groups to raise our profile in the industry

  • Disseminate and share useful technical content by and for members develop a more active profile online to engage with members, regular updates to our website and social media with position papers, articles, links to research, etc.

  • Develop a strong visual brand identity create a new logo (via logo contest) and design guidelines

Membership Network: growing a strong base

Desired Outcomes

  • Diversify our membership and activities

  • Increased relevance geographically in our region

  • Provide valuable networking and learning opportunities for members

  • Be known as the place to go for current and relevant building simulation information

Key actions

  • Increase member engagement with more content and social media activity with member-sourced articles, posts, etc.

  • Co-host events with like-minded organisations, such as AIRAH, CIBSE, APHA, AIA, Engineers Declare, Architects Declare

  • Collaborate with academia by developing relationships with researchers and students in simulation fields

  • Support projects on crucial topics that improve the state of simulation in the region

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