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Host an Event in 2018

Each year the IBPSA Australasia board organises a Seminar Series to promote knowledge sharing within the building simulation community. Informing and educating members and the public on the value and state-of-the-art of building performance simulation is one of IBPSA’s main aims.

In 2017, several informal seminar events were held in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney. In addition, IBPSA Australasia co-hosted a two-day conference with AIRAH on Building Simulation in Melbourne, attracting over 90 attendees from national and international locations. Membership is not required to attend events, however attendance fees vary by event type.

Our past events have successfully increased engagement within the local building simulation community, however we think we can do more! We are looking to expand our reach in 2018 by organising more seminars and by providing webinar options in the future.

Event Description For each seminar, 2-3 speakers from the community (engineers, architects, academics) are invited to present for 15-20 minutes each to an interested and engaged audience. Following the presentations, there is time for networking. Each event usually runs 2-2.5 hours, takes place midweek after close of business, and typically attracts 30-50 attendees.

Host organisations have the opportunity to suggest speakers, and are asked to provide an appropriate space, seating, necessary AV equipment (e.g. projector, microphone, internet connection), and light refreshments.

IBPSA Australasia takes full responsibility for organising speakers, inviting attendees, and advertisement of the event. Of course, we are more than happy for you to promote through your own networks as well!

We only charge for attendance to recoup costs associated with hosting and organising the event, using the following pricing structure:

  1. Host organisation provides venue only: $25 per ticket (main host receives one free ticket)

  2. Host organisation provides venue and refreshments: $10 per ticket (all members of host organisation attend for free)

Dates for 2018 seminars are currently available.

Please get in touch with Priya Gandhi ( if you are interested in hosting an event at your organisation!

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