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Call for nominations for IBPSA Board of Directors 2021

The IBPSA Board of Directors consists of representatives from each of its 31 regional affiliates, as well as 10 At-Large Directors who are directly elected by the entire IBPSA membership. Five of the At-Large Directors will complete their terms in 2021. Therefore, an election will be held shortly to fill these five positions for two-year terms. All members of IBPSA who are interested in serving IBPSA are able and encouraged to stand for election to fill these positions. (Note: if you are a member of an IBPSA Affiliate then you are a member of IBPSA).

If you would like to stand for election as an At-Large Director on IBPSA's Board of Directors, then you must provide the following information via email to: Danielle Monfet ( by 28 May 2021 at the latest. This deadline is inflexible: late submissions will not be considered. Send this information in the body of the email, not in attached files. Your candidature must be supported by two other members of IBPSA; these people should be copied on your email to Danielle Monfet.

Your name:

Your job title:

Your institution/employer:

IBPSA Affiliate of which you are a member:

Names and Affiliates of two IBPSA members supporting your candidature:

Provide a statement that will be included with the election ballot. This statement should be written in the first person and should highlight your relevant experience, contributions, and aspirations that qualify you to serve as an IBPSA Director. Mention the positions you have held and the volunteer contributions you have made to IBPSA-World and Affiliate activities, including your contributions towards organizing international and regional building simulation conferences. The statement should be a maximum 300 words: longer texts will not be accepted.

The election to the IBPSA Board of Directors for the period of 2021-2023 will then take place in June / July 2021. The AGM will take place at the beginning of September 2021, location to be confirmed shortly (Covid dependent).

Kind regards,

Pieter de Wilde

Secretary of IBPSA

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