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Building Tuning Course – WA – 5th August

A well-tuned car performs and saves money, so does a well-tuned building. Reduce operating and maintenance costs. OK, but you have no budget. Building tuning can get you there. But how and where do you look to ‘tune’ a building, what can you make more efficient, how much efficiency can you gain, and what are the real benefits for the owner?

Learn from our very own Paul Bannister!

  1. What is tuning and why should I do it?

  2. How to tell when a building needs tuning

  3. Rating tools and tuning

  4. Stakeholders in the tuning process

  5. HVAC commissioning issues for tuning

  6. HVAC control issues for tuning

  7. Case studies

WA—5th Aug Adina Apartment Hotel 33 Mounts Bay Road, Perth

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