Board of Directors Election Results

Based on the outcome of the election held in late 2014, the new IBPSA Board of Directors is now in place.  Half of the elected Directors will serve for 1 year and the rest for 2 years (term lengths were set by random draw).  Half of the Board will be elected each year from now on,  starting in the fall of 2015.

Thank you for your support of IBPSA.

Charles S. Barnaby


Officers (selected by the Board)


  1. President: Charles S. Barnaby (USA)

  2. Vice-President: Lori McElroy (Scotland)

  3. Secretary: Pieter de Wilde (England)

  4. Treasurer: Michael Wetter (USA)

At-Large Directors


2-year terms

  1. Paul Bannister (Australasia)

  2. Charles Barnaby (USA)

  3. Ian Beausoleil-Morrison (Canada)

  4. Matthias Haase (Nordic)

  5. Christoph van Treeck (Germany)

1-year terms

  1. Drury Crawley (USA)

  2. Lori McElroy (Scotland)

  3. Andrea Gasparella (Italy)

  4. Christina Hopfe (England)

  5. Michael Wetter (USA)

Affiliate  Directors ———————- 2-year terms

  1. William O’Brien (Canada)

  2. Jose Norberto Guerra Ramirez (Chile)

  3. Martin Bartak (Czech Republic)

  4. Milorad Bojić (Danube)

  5. Mohammad Fahmy Ramadan (Egypt)

  6. Pieter de Wilde (England)

  7. Christoph Nytsch-Geusen (Germany)

  8. Donal Finn (Ireland)

  9. Kwang Woo Kim (Korea)

  10. Ala Hasan (Nordic)

  11. Piotr Narowski (Poland)

  12. Roman Rabenseifer (Slovakia)

  13. Joseph Deringer (USA)

1-year terms

  1. Raul Ajmat (Argentina)

  2. Quentin Jackson (Australasia)

  3. Nathan Mendes (Brazil)

  4. Da Yan (China)

  5. Etienne Wurtz (France)

  6. Rajan Rawal (India)

  7. Vincenzo Corrado (Italy)

  8. Yoshiyuki Shimoda (Japan)

  9. Wim Plokker Msc (Netherlands + Flanders)

  10. Nick Kelly (Scotland)

  11. Gerhard Zweifel (Switzerland)

  12. Ayşe Zerrin Yılmaz (Turkey)

  13. Khaled Al-Sallal (UAE)

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