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BEMBook Wiki announcement

IBPSA-USA would like to announce recent improvements to the BEMBook Wiki – – and would like to invite the energy modeling community to participate in this online resource. You are invited to both explore and contribute content. It is simple to edit an existing page or to create a new page.

Please check it out.

We invite you to contribute your knowledge to the wiki.

Here are a few highlights about the new, improved wiki:

  1. A new menu bar and table of contents greatly improves site navigation

  2. Building energy modeling training presentations are available for download

  3. There is a growing body of content – though we still have a long way to go! Here are examples of a few recent contributions: We hope that BEMBook will become the premier resource for the energy modeling community around the world – and with your help, it will!

Keep in mind that this wiki is software-independent and intended to provide general guidance regarding energy modeling concepts and practices. Promotion of specific software is not allowed! (and will be removed) BEMBooK is an acronym for Building Energy Modeling Body Of Knowledge, and as the name indicates, its purpose is to broaden the body of knowledge available to the energy modeling community in a way that helps everyone.

See this page for quick guidance on getting started: Contact the BEMBook Wiki editorial committee at for more information.

You are also invited to join: • IBPSA-USA (see • This Education Committee • The BEMBook wiki editorial committee

This announcement and invitation is from the IBPSA-USA Education Committee: Joseph Deringer (Chair) Ellen Franconi Erik Kolderup (Chair, BEMBook wiki editorial committee) Jim Dirkes (BEMBook wiki editorial committee) Eddy Santosa (BEMBook wiki editorial committee) Liam Buckley (BEMBook wiki editorial committee) Greg Dobbs Jared Higgins Stephen Kemp

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