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Simulation Guidelines Project Gets Going

The Simulation Guidelines project plans to produce a comprehensive guide to how to good, commercial quality simulations, and is being put together under the auspices of the AIRAH ESD Special Technical Group. Dr Paul Bannister, IBPSA Australasia President, is the managing author for the project.

The project is now moving forward – we have a large group of volunteer contributing authors for chapters covering the full range of the Guidelines document, and we have held the first Steering Group meeting, with attendance from NABERS, the GBCA, the ABCB and simulation users. The next phase is of course the hard bit – writing materials – which is expected to take 6 months before we have a full set of initial drafts. There’s still scope for more people to provide authorship input, so if you are interested, email to register your interest. We’ll also be seeking industry input on drafts at various stages, so there will be opportunities to provide review input later in the project.

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