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Energy Modelling in the Real World – July 14th 2015, Sydney

At the IBPSA Special Interest Forum in Sydney on July 14th, Dr Paul Bannister will be talking on supply air temperature control.  We asked Paul what sorts of insights we might expect from the talk.

“It’s been a bit of a voyage of discovery preparing the work for this talk “said Dr Bannister. “and I’d have to say, I don’t think it’s over yet.  To put this in context, the findings of the works so far show a reduction of 8% in energy use relative what I would have considered good to best practice.  That’s no small beer!”

So what role can simulation play in this? “The work so far has taken scores of simulations, which gives a level of insight that just can’t be achieved by fiddling with the metaphorical dials on a real building” say Paul. “That said, I think it’s increasingly possible to see where the balance between theory and practice is likely to play out in real-world implementation; all along I have been looking for something that gives optimum performance theoretically but can actually be implemented with real controls in a real buildings – and still work.”

To find out more, go to  the IBPSA Special Interest Forum “Energy Modelling in the Real World”, 5:30pm 14 July 2015 at the AECOM offices, L21 420 George St, Sydney.  Register by emailing to

IBPSA Energy Modelling Forum Brochure

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