October saw the annual AGM of IBPSA-Australasia held online. Some of the highlights of the year included:

- Significant increase in the number of events held an attendees

- Connections to industry via NCC 2019, NABERS and other industry organisations

- Some great presentations to our members from industry leaders in their field.

Elections for positions on the board were held also with the following people elected for the next two years:

President - Quentin Jackson (Aurecon)

Vice President - Priya Gandhi (Atelier 10)

Treasurer - Nicki Parker (NDY)

Education - PC Thomas (Team Catalyst)

Marketing & Industry - Noni Nuriani (NDY)

Events - Tatiana Schonhobel (Integral)

Secretary - Jack Blackwell (NDY)

It looks to be an exciting year ahead - with planning for a 2022 IBPSA Australasia Conference in Brisbane the premier event to look out for!

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